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Here at Mobogenie, our vision is to do our very best to meet user needs. Even in the early stages of development, the entire Mobogenie team had already started researching the needs of Android users around the world. For this purpose, we designed the mobogenie widget so as to users can download directly and easily in other digital sources. It’s ready to use as a WordPress widget or just by copying and pasting the HTML script directly onto your page. Here’s an example:


Why Mobogenie

Mobogenie, the free Android app store, offers tons of apps! Discover daily content based on your interest! Organize, manage, and back up everything from your phone to PC! With Over 440+million installations globally, and available in more than 30 languages, it makes user-friendly design accessible to locals everywhere. It allows the users to download apps in one-click with tap of the finger, and no login and registration is required. Since our launch, we’ve been receiving overwhelming praise from our users, cementing Mobogenie as a new star in the industry.

How do I use the Mobogenie widget?

1  Just copy and paste it anywhere onto your site, along with the following code:

<div class="mobogenie-widget" data-packagename="com.facebook.katana"></div>

When using HTML, you’ll need these informations:

< com.facebook.katana> is your package name in mobogenie, you can check it  on the app’s mobogenie info sheet.

2  Add the code: <script src=""></script> , in front of the (</body>) at the bottom of the page.

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