DC Legends–Heroes and villains side by side guard the DC universe


In the Legends of DC, an ancient race, known as Manhunters, threatens the universe, forcing DC Comics’ heroes and villains, such as the Batman and the Wonder Woman team, to save it.


In the game when the players can choose the hero is still relatively small, but the players do not have to worry too much, in the game through the checkpoints, the player will get some role in debris, and the debris collected to a certain number of Unlock this character. The game’s operation is relatively simple, players can plan on their own team before entering the level, each team can only have up to four roles debut, and the game is for the players to prepare a number of teams to match. And entered the game using turn-based combat methods,players can click directly to the role of attack, and each attack after a period of time need to prepare before they can attack again. And in the lower right corner will display the current heroes of the skills, players can press the long press to view the relevant information.


In the eradication of all the enemies after the player can successfully pass the checkpoints, customs clearance for the players will be a generous reward, in addition to gain experience of the value of the player itself, will also get experience cards and equipment, the use of experience card players can role upgrade and heroes put on their unique equipment after the property will also be further improved, the hero of the game can be evolved, when the evolution to the five-star legendary quality, its ability will have considerable progress and appearance will become more cool, of course, play to this stage, where the enemy is not so easy to destroy. In addition players can also participate in the ladder league.


In general, DC Legends is a good choice if you want to play one of these collection-based strategy games. This game can be downloaded in the mobogenie store, interested players can experience the next.




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