Barack Obama’s new home after his retirement: 9-bedroom secret mansion


Obama said before that he and his family would stay in the capital until 2018 daughter Sasha completed high school. The insider said he would rent the 8200-square-foot, nine-bedroom house. These people provide this information anonymously because they are not authorized to disclose his plans.

According to data from several real estate sites, the house is worth about $ 6 million, and the estimated monthly rent on the Zillow website is $ 22,000. The owner was Joe Lockhart, who served as press secretary and senior adviser to Bill Clinton. He was also the general manager of the Glover Park Group, a communications and political consultancy he founded, until last year. Now he has moved to Manhattan, the United States National Football League as executive vice president of communications.

Lockhart and his wife, Glouvanne Gray, Lockhart, editor of Glamor, declined to comment on the matter and suggested asking the White House. White House Deputy Press Secretary Jennifer Friedman also declined to comment on the president’s plan. The news was originally “political” magazine 25 disclosed.


After moving, the Obama family will be housed in one of Washington’s richest neighborhoods. It is backed by Rock Creek Park, a very private community, many diplomats here, Washington cocktail party often held here. The mansion itself is also very luxurious. The house was sold on the Washington Fine Properties website in 2014. From the photos it was released, it had spacious rooms, solid wood floors, white marble countertops, men’s and women’s toilets, and a patio with a regular garden.

Mansion also has “old suite”, may be more suitable for Michelle Obama’s mother Marianne Robinson – she has been living with the family in the White House.

When the President leaves office, he will still be protected by the Secret Service. This place seems to meet the needs of Obama placement special service. The enclosed courtyard on the side of the house has space for a number of parking spaces and a concierge.


There is a large contingent of security guards in the area, as it borders Massachusetts, known as the Embassy Street. Obama’s new home is just one block away from the embassy in Oman and the European Union office in the United States, turning the corner is the residence of the French ambassador Gérard Arro, people know that he often in this Tudor revival-style hospitality guests.

It’s a very quiet community, and that’s one of the reasons why we all like it,” said Tony Podesta, a widely-spoken Democratic lobbyist. He and Hillary Clinton campaign team chairman John D · Podesta is a brother.

Podesta and Barack Obama’s family is about to rent a house separated by only two families. He often invited neighbors to his backyard for a pizza party with a pizza oven. Several times a day, rows of taxis were winding along the streets, and the passengers went to the Islamic Center, which was set up for Muslim prayers in the neighborhood.


25, Obama rental program news broke, journalists and news photographers flock to the neighborhood. “My steward is a little scared,” said Podesta.

While the Obama couple has a home in Chicago, Obama said in March that he and his family would stay in the Washington area until graduating from Sasha High School at the Sidwell Friendship School. This month, the Obama couple said their eldest daughter, Malia, would spend a “gap year” before attending Harvard. Maria will graduate from Sidwell next month.


Obama ‘s future home has a rich history. It was originally built by real estate developer F. Moran McCone in 1928. McCone played an important role in Carolorama’s expansion, and served in the General Services Administration of the Presidential Administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Later, the house was bought by Colonel Charles Hamilton Maddox. He is a veteran, had participated in two world wars. In 1912, he designed the naval aircraft on the radio equipment, and in flight for the first time a successful test. His daughter, Muriel Maddox, has starred in Marlon Brando, the film “man character”, also wrote some love stories.

For a long time, many prominent politicians have lived in this community, including Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover, and the Senate Member of Parliament Edward M. Kennedy. Last year, former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Donald Rumsfeld sold his house in Kalorama, where he stayed until the Bush administration.

Residents of Kalorama said the area was a quiet oasis in the busy city.

“Just 15 minutes from here you can get to almost anywhere you want to go to Washington, but on weekends it’s quiet like a country,” said Bart Gordon, a former Tennessee Democrat. He is now working for Gates, and soon will be Obama ‘s neighbor. “We welcome him into this community, I just hope he will not be too noisy.”


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