SE announced the “inspiration of courage recorded” hand tour is about to open test


Courage Revelation” is an electronic role-playing game which was released on October 11, 2012. To the growth and adventure for the purpose of the game players can experience the full defeat monster, the accumulation of equipment and the role of training fun. At the same time, it also inherited the “Final Fantasy” series of store systems. Not long ago, hand-tour Square Enix announced that it will launch a 3DS platform series of games “Inspirational Revelation” as the theme of the mobile phone game “Brave Default: Fairy’s Effect” (Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect), and Said the time for the shelves for 2017. But today SE is suddenly announced that the game will be opened on November 22 TCB IC packaging and testing, is really not a little bit of preparedness.


It is understood that “the courage of the implied recorded: fairy tale” is a player can move to many places in the turn-based RPG hand tour. Game battle grid only 4X3, the player in order to control the role to different lattice, you must use weapons to attack the enemy, and the player’s attack is the need for a named “BP” energy value. At the same time players can also change the role of different costumes, so that the characters in the game to achieve their own style of satisfaction.


In the long history of fire, water, wind and earth, four crystal light continues to illuminate the world, so that the world can maintain prosperity and peace, but with the fire, two crystals rapidly weakened, making volcanic eruptions. The mainland sank at the bottom of the sea, and people called this disaster a big crash. After the collapse, in order to compete for the remaining land, resources and crystal, cavalry alliance rise, and overwhelming force to suppress the parties, the local forces had to form the light of the confrontation with confrontation. One day, the power of water, the young Princess Lipluoer received two bad news, one is that there is a huge crack with the crystal of the water, and the second is the alliance is Liplaire big The scale of the march to the crystal axis of the establishment of this great civilization, is now facing the crisis of extinction, and how to change the fate of the princess to save the country and crystal from extinction?




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