Thanksgiving is coming to the business hours. Check here!

Tomorrow is America ‘s Thanksgiving Day,is also the “Black Friday” shopping boom, the following is the major business of this year’s business hours.

JC Penney

Jesse Penny will be at Thanksgiving (November 24) at 3 pm to open business, the day is not closed until the next day at 10 pm on Black Friday. Online promotion begins at midnight on November 23rd.



Most Wal-Mart stores are open 24 hours a day, 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day Black Friday discount activities.



Target opened at 6 pm on Thanksgiving, with 10 Days of Deals and Black Friday pre-sales promotions.


Best Buy

Thanksgiving will open from 5am until 1am on Friday. Rest 7 hours later, will re-open at 8:00. In addition there are additional online promotions.



Sears Thanksgiving Day opens at 6 pm and is open until midnight. Although some branches are not open for Thanksgiving, all outlets will open at 5am on Friday.

Thanksgiving Day, Sears online limited time offer buying activities. Black Friday the same day, all branches and online limited time to buy until 1 pm.


Toys “R” Us

Toys R Us starts at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day and does not close for 30 hours.



Macy’s opened at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day, most of which will last until 2 pm on Black Friday and re-open after 4 hours of rest.

Not all businesses are open for Thanksgiving, and Mall of America has announced that it will not be open for Thanksgiving, which will allow its 1,200 employees to spend the holidays with their families, but stores in the mall can Choose whether to open.

Finally, I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving!



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